You can’t have a high school prom twice and so it is very essential that for this night of nights everything is planned to perfection. And we’re not simply talking about the clothes either because other than what to wear for a prom, one essential part of prom preparations is how you arrive for the event. The best way to do so is to arrive in style, gone are the days when parents would drop their kids off, these days the way to do things is by getting dropped off in a chauffeured limousine like those which you can rent from our affordable Los Angeles limo rentals service.  Nothing beats the look on your prom dates face when you show up at her house with one of our limos to pick her up. We have some of the best limos in the business and our selection would please even the most demanding of clients.


For a high school student, most Los Angeles limo rentals are expensive; this is why we take care to provide a service that leaves the person thinking more about the comfort of the ride than the costs of the ride itself.  Our flexible terms mean that you can hire a limousine depending on a number of arrangements of your choice. Such arrangements might include hours, distance to be traveled and even group arrangements in case you want to split the costs of renting a limousine with friends of yours.


If your school is not directly in Los Angeles but in surrounding areas, you should be pleased to note that we service such areas as well. The costs of such rentals might be slightly more than our standard Los Angeles limo rentals but we provide the service all the same. Like a king and his chariot, our chauffeurs are at your beck and call for the duration of the prom evening, right from the time they pick you up to whenever it is you want them to drop you and your date off.

Our limousine fleet is famous all over the city, our Los Angeles limo rentals service offers you the chance to rent the same vehicles that movie stars and celebrities use whenever they are in the city and have to attend events and places such as parties and clubs. Our limousine selection ranges from the conventional to the exotic. We have standard black limousines as well as stretch and ultra stretch

Limousines in various colors depending on the tastes of person who wishes to patronize our limousine service.