There are several different kinds of limos in the fleet at Limo Service Orange County. This gives you the customer several different options to choose from. You can check out the various different kinds of limos that are available and then go on and hire the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

The classiest of the lot of limos and the oldest is the Rolls Royce. This is such a pleasure to drive around in. This is supposed to be the king of the limos and will generate immense pleasure and class as you drive in it.

The next is the stretch limo which is equally popular. The stretch limo has been featured in several different Hollywood movies and you will love its overall look and interiors. The thing for a customer to keep in mind is that the longer the limo, it is bound to be more expensive. This will reflect in the rental that is charged.

You can find out from Limo Service Orange County about the other different kinds of limos that they have in their fleet and the rentals for them.  The best color in a limo is the quintessential black. This is the color that spells elegance, grace and understated money power about it. Black is the perfect limo color for formal and business occasions. If you are in the mood for fun then you can have a nice bright color limo hired out. There are limos in the brightest and perkiest of colors and they can reflect your mood well enough.

A good idea is to browse the website of the service provider and find out the different kinds of limo services that they have on offer. You can also call them up and talk to them about the kind of model that you have in mind and the budget. Then, they will go on to recommend the best suited limo after having taken all the specifications as well as the budget into consideration.

This way you will go on to get the limo of your choice and at the same time be able to not go overboard with your budget. The right limo model will ensure that it is a dream come true ride for you. Drive around town in one of the classiest ways in a limo.