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North Hollywood party busEveryone wants to have a memorable day on this lover’s day. If you plan to take your date out in Santa Monica, let it be in a limo. Santa Monica is a city of Beauty, Beaches and nice hotels. Use the Santa Monica Limo Services to book your limo for Valentine’s Day. Santa Monica is known for its romantic beaches and exotic getaways which are ideal for lovers.Calculate the amount of money you want to use that day and stick on the budget. Check online for the Santa Monica Limo Services who are offering cheaper or rates as per your budget. Use their online sites to find out the shape and the type of limos that they have. Again call them and ask for discounts and the packages offered. Ask for proof for your booking to ensure that the booking truly exists. Enquire about their insurance policy and if need be, ask for proof.

Mention the number of hours that you are going to hire the limo to know how much it cost if the charge is per hour. Also, you should ensure that the limo is private to avoid booking a shared limo. No one wants to share a limo with a stranger on this day. Enquire about the payment methods. Some Santa Monica Limo Services require that you deposit some amount with them on booking and the rest on the d- day. Others may ask for full payments upon booking. Whichever way, obtain a receipt for the payments to act as a proof in case of any dispute. Everybody is bound to cancel their plans at some point. Things like job, a date being cancelled or an inevitable situation comes up. Enquire about their policy on cancellation. Most services will deduct some amount after cancellation so find out to avoid a misunderstanding. Mention to them the pick-up points and the schedules involving the limo services on Valentine’s Day. Make sure to call few days or two days before Valentine’s Day to confirm the bookings.

Limo Services in Santa Monica

ake an enquiry from the Santa Monica limo services on how tips are given in the hotels, bars, limos and airports. Ask if they are inclusive in the hotel rooms or in limo hire fee to avoid double tipping. If they are inclusive, you can make your own choice on whether you want to add another tip to the limo driver or the housekeeping staff. Most drivers are at their best behaviour and they sacrifice to please you so a thanks tip is necessary.

The following Tip rates apply in Santa Monica:

• Restaurant and limo service: 15% to 20 %.

• Airport skycap: $1-$2 for luggage help.

• Housekeeping staff: $1-$2 per.

• Service personnel: $1-$2 per transaction.

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